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We all have heard about using “hot packs” or soaking in a hot bath to help alleviate muscle soreness. Our mothers seem to have known best, as is often the case. The therapeutic  benefits of warming an injury are many. The use of heating agents during specific periods of convalescence is of the utmost importance. Heat helps allow tissues to relax so they can receive fresh, nutrient-rich blood. Heat is a terrific adjunct to chiropractic treatment of chronic conditions. It is important to note that heat must not be used in cases of acute injury as it may exacerbate the painful effects of swelling.

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Morning Exercise Routine

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Morning Exercise Routine

Pelvic Tilt

Lie on back, Bend knees like sit up position. Flatten back. Do 10 times.

Knee to Chest

Lie on back. Bend knees like sit up position. Bring one knee to chest. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat opposite side.

Both Knees to Chest

Bring both knees to chest. Circle clockwise 4-6 times. Then counterclockwise 4-6 times.

Groin Stretch

Still lying on back, face bottom of feet together and let knees drop to outsides. Do not force. Make sure back flat on table. Hold for 30 seconds.

Gluteus Stretch

Lie on back, knees bent. Place left ankle on right knee (figure 4 position). Bring right knee towards chest. Feel stretch in left glut. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat opposite side.

Calf Stretch

Lie on back. Knees bent. Straighten one leg and raise until tension behind calf. Point and flex 10 times. Repeat opposite side.

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Acute Injury Treatment Plan: “A.R.I.S.E.”

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Acute Injury Treatment Plan: “A.R.I.S.E.”

Remember, only the bones of the spine stand between the nerves that relay messages back and forth between the brain and body. If these bones are out of place, our nervous system must try to overcome the interference and hence must work much harder at healing. Hence, the use of chiropractic to allow for an interference free nervous system is the first line of defense against injury.

Treatment of acute injury follows the acronym, A.R.I.S.E. The acute or severe phase of an injury lasts for approximately 3 days in which treatment and care are critical to rehabilitation. The following format is only for injury during the acute phase and must be directed by your healthcare professional.

A. Analgesics (*Wobenzym-N, Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, etc.) to reduce pain and swelling.

R. Rest the injured tissue or body part as directed.

I. Ice is administered to the injured area (see “Ice sheet” for further information).

S. Stretching of injury as directed (see “Stretch Sheet” for further information)/

E. Elevation of injury, preferably above the level of the heart.


Wobenzym-N is a nutritional aid (rather than a medication) which helps support normal levels of inflammation. This supplement contains ingredients already present in our bodies that assist in natural healing. ( i.e. trypsin and hymotrypsin)

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Just Breathe

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just breathe


Breathing is important to health. How important? Very! We can go for days without food, hours without water, but only minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is a molecule that is essential to every aspect of cellular functioning. We take in oxygen-rich air as we breathe. Oxygen is then absorbed through our lungs into our bloodstream where veins take it to the heart for distribution. It is then carried to the rest of our bodies via our arteries.

Proper breathing is an often neglected process. If we learn to breath properly, we can we can best oxygenate our bodies. When we have enough oxygen, every cell of our bodies are happy and at peace.

The lungs are the second largest organ of the body (second only to our skin). If we were to stretch out the alveoli (the tiny structures inside our lungs that allow us to utilize oxygen), they would cover a basketball court.

According to the Merck System, the lungs are controlled by the third thoracic vertebra. Asthmatics, people with pain between their scapulae (shoulder blades), those with scoliosis and smokers should have their thoracic spine (middle back) evaluated to ensure proper lung function.

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January 2015 Habit Challenge: Proper Breathing

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1st Month’s Habit Challenge: Proper Breathing

Habits are created or destroyed generally in 30-45 days. This year, 2015, I’d like to challenge you with a new habit each month for 12 months, all geared towards better, healthier living. So each month I will roll out a new challenge, which should be completed on a daily basis that should take no more than ten minutes. Everyone has ten minutes to spare each day, so with focused effort we can transform our lives in just ten minutes a day. The habits should be useful for life, so you won’t drop them off, but maintain them thus the 30 day trial period, and add the new one in. But wait, you say, that means (120 minutes) 2 hours a day by December. I don’t have two hours a day to spare. Not to fear. Some habits won’t take the whole ten minutes, and some you will be already performing in your life. You can start at any challenge and go back and pick up challenges you missed. You can skip challenges that you are already sufficient. This should be fun and doable.

To help inspire you to implement these new habits, we will be running a monthly contest.

The rules are as follows:

1. Email your success story from implementing a new habit

2. Share this post on your social media with your friends and family

One lucky success story will be chosen at the end of each month and will win a Free 20 minute massage with Dr. Neary!

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