About Neary Chiropractic

Dr. Neary believes that being healthy embodies more than just feeling good. As a holistic practitioner and primary care provider, Dr. Neary evaluates the person as a whole when assessing and treating an ailment or disease, rather than focusing solely on a symptom or specific area of the body.

Chiropractors know that the body is able to maintain and heal itself in most cases. Understanding that the body is complicated, Dr. Neary continued his training becoming certified in Logan Basic Therapy and Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT). Dr. Neary has also obtained certifications as a Hypnotist, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, and Time Line Therapy (TLT) Trainer. Dr. Neary is also an Independent Disability Evaluator, Qualified Medical Examiner, BackSafe Injury Prevention Consultant.

Get to know Dr. Neary

Dr. Neary knows that drugs and surgery are only bandages covering bigger issues. With the desire to spread the message of whole-body health, Dr. Neary has also taught classes on various topics. At the Kali Institute of Massagein Ventura, he taught a course on the Chiropractic view of the body. Dr. Neary has also taught courses for Santa Barbara City College. His course topics included: Personal Ergonomics, Keeping the Nervous System Interference Free, Management of Chronic Pain, and Setting Goals for Health.

Dr. Neary’s Philosophy