Community Workshops

Community WorkshopDr. James R. Neary, D.C. enjoys spending time doing community outreach in Santa Barbara.  As a respected Doctor of Chiropractic and highly sought after lecturer, he performs lectures, training seminars, and workshops throughout Santa Barbara County. You can also find him at career and health fairs around the area.

Dr. Neary is also a member of the American Consumer Education Foundation and is certified to give talks and seminars on a variety of subjects:

Childhood Wellness Topics:

  1. Ear Infection – The Cause, The Truth, The Correction
  2. Maximizing Your Child’s Health the Drug-free Natural Way
  3. Childhood Obesity – What Every Parent Should Know
  4. Pregnancy – The Complete Guide to A Natural Enjoyable Pregnancy


  1. Work-related Injuries – A Simple, Cost Effective, Proven Solution
  2. Trauma and Your Spine – Why You Should Never Treat the Symptom
  3. Low Back Pain – Incredible Non-surgical, Drug-free Solution
  4. Stress Management Without Addictive Medication
  5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – The Cause, The Solution

Adult Wellness:

  1. Arthritis – Stop, Prevent, or Reverse It
  2. The Truth About Having Incredible Health and Function
  3. Thyroid Dysfunction – Improving Thyroid Function Naturally
  4. Weight Loss Made Incredibly Easy
  5. Woman’s Health – Live Life To The Fullest Without Medication
  6. Fibromyalgia – A Lifetime of Drugs Is Not the Answer

Family Wellness Topics:

  1. Sports Performance – A Proven Drug-free Secret Weapon
  2. Boosting Your Immune System Naturally – What You Need To Know
  3. Maximizing Human Potential – How To Be The Best You Can Be
  4. Eliminating Headaches – The Drug-free Truth Revealed
  5. Asthma – Do You Really Need That Inhaler?
  6. Stop Smoking Now & Six Ways to Treat and Promote Human Health
  7. General Nutrition and Weight Loss – What You Need to Know

Talks are generally about an hour long and fully research based. Longer and shorter talks can be arranged. Please use the contact form or call (805) 692-9749 to set-up an event. His expertise in stress, health and wellness and reputation as a sought after lecturer is sure to benefit you and your organization.