Healing by Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch Through Chiropractic

Last month was the Habit of Optimism. Hopefully everyone is taking the challenge to use optimism to improve your health.

“The greatest sense in our body is our touch sense. It is probably the chief sense in the processes of sleeping and waking; it gives us our knowledge of depths or thickness and form; we feel, we love and hate, are touchy and are touched, through the touch corpuscles of our skin.”

–J. Lionel Tyaler, The Stages of Human Life

Chiropractic is the largest drugless healing system in the world. Of the many techniques in chiropractic touch is missing as in modern medicine with multitudes of mechanical testing procedures. Dr Neary does massage by hand as he taught in a massage school for 7 years. Then he adjusts the joints of your spine and extremities by hand; As chiropractic was meant to be performed.

Origin: Late 19th century: from chiro- ‘hand’ + Greek praktikos ‘done by’.

Chiropractic works through the laying on of hands onto the skin of the patient where there are more sensory nerves that anywhere in the body. The sensory nerves in the skin, the largest organ of the body, relay information from your environment to your central nervous system to your brain where you become aware of hot, cold, pressure of other stimuli. As a chiropractor makes an adjustment to the spine information to normalize joint mechanics relays to the brain then back to muscles, organs (the skin) or glands to work optimally.

So touch through the hands of a skilled chiropractor can have profound effects on health and well-being.

New Subluxation
Chiropractic Rap

Dr. Neary wrote a new rap song for his chiropractic practice regarding Subluxation. Check it out, it’s truly amazing!

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