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up on your breathing technique…

Hey out there! How is it going with your daily

If you have forgotten, gotten lazy, or just not challenged enough, here are 2 new techniques to add if you’d like more of a challenge or needed a reminder.

One is changing the body position and not feel any strain in breathing: Lie on your back, legs extended, arms relaxed by your sides.

If this breathing is too simple then progress to stomach lying “turn over”  until breathing is easy. When you’ve mastered that, go to a kneeling position. Remain balanced in kneeling with no recruiting of accessory breathing muscles. When that is easy, go to a lunge or single knee (genuflect) position. Remain balanced while keeping breathing easy and soft.
A measure of success would be to remain in each of the fore mentioned positions for a minute before progressing to the next position.

 The second technique is to practice different types of inhalation and exhalation methods; and find out where there is breathing imbalance/weakness and develop it. There are many variations on this theme but initially try breathing in for four counts, hold breath for four counts, exhale for four counts then hold exhale for four counts. Repeat for 1-2 minutes. You can lengthen breath to count to 6 counts of 8 counts to increase the difficulty. You may also choose to forcefully exhale while relaxing the inhalation for a minute. See how you feel. Then reverse and forcefully inhale while relaxing the exhale for a minute. See how you feel.

These are just suggestions, play with it and have fun. Contact me with any questions.

In health,
Dr. J


Breathing is important to
health. How important? Very! We
can go for days without food, hours
without water, but only minutes
without oxygen. Oxygen is a molecule
that is essential to every aspect
of cellular functioning. We take
in oxygen-rich air as we breathe.
Oxygen is then absorbed through
our lungs into our bloodstream where
veins take it to the heart for distribution.
It is then carried to the rest of
our bodies via our arteries.

Proper breathing is an often
neglected process. If we learn to
breath properly, we can we can best
oxygenate our bodies. When we have
enough oxygen, every cell of our
bodies are happy and at peace.

The lungs are the second largest
organ of the body (second only to
our skin). If we were to stretch
out the alveoli (the tiny structures
inside our lungs that allow us to
utilize oxygen), they would cover
a basketball court.

According to the Merck System,
the lungs are controlled by the
third thoracic vertebra. Asthmatics,
people with pain between their scapulae
(shoulder blades), those with scoliosis
and smokers should have their thoracic
spine (middle back) evaluated to
ensure proper lung function.

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