March 2015 News: Sleep Ezzzzzz!


Sleep is critical to health & wellness

One primary tenet of chiropractic is that
the body’s resources are utilized to heal
itself. Sleep is thought of by many to
be a restorative process during which
we heal the mind and body. Sleep is thought
of by many to be restorative process during
which we heal the mind and body. It is
common knowledge that we often sleep better
after regular adjustment of the spine.
When our spinal column is in the proper
alignment, our nervous system is happy
and all of its resources are available
to make us well.

These suggestions will make getting to
sleep easier.

  1. Calm the mind with deep breathing and imagery of a relaxing place.
  2. Meditation can set a wonderful state of calm to
    prepare for sleep.
  3. Take a warm bath (not too hot, just above
    body temperature).
  4. Drink a warm beverage (milk or herbal tea)
    or eat a snack (oatmeal, banana, turkey
    sandwich, etc).
  5. Dim lighting and soothing music help relaxation.
  6. Light reading, nothing too involved.

The following recommendations will make
sleep more difficult and less restful.

  1. Alcohol will make sleep much less restful. It
    inhibits an important stage of sleep known as R.E.M.
  2. Caffeine is a particularly poor sleep aid. It
    does not leave the blood stream for
    between 7-24 hours! Limit or omit your
    caffeine intake during the day if you
    have trouble sleeping and are a daytime
    coffee drinker.
  3. Tobacco products act as stimulants of the central nervous system (like caffeine), avoid
  4. Bright lights tell the body that it is time
    to be awake; avoid them at least one
    half hour before bedtime.
  5. Physical activity within two hours of sleep time
    may make it difficult to get to sleep.
  6. Large meals may make it harder to sleep. It
    requires effort to digest food.
  7. Watching TV or getting involved in a program
    around sleep time may make it hard to
    get to sleep or make you miss your usual
    bedtime for which you will pay all day
    long the next day.
  8. Do not take sleep aids, they easily become
    relied upon.

Helpful Hints:  Consistent routines
with respect to sleep make it an easy
process; for children and adults.

  1. Got to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning.
  2. Consistent exercise will help you sleep deeper and hence you will wake more rested.
  3. Remove the TV from the bedroom if you tend
    to watch it. You will get to sleep faster.
  4. If traveling, take your own pillow. This
    works especially well for those who
    travel a lot.

Posture: These do’s and don’ts will make your spine and neck happier in the morning.

  1. Do not sleep on a soft mattress but, mattress
    firmness is as unique as the person.
  2. Do not sleep on your stomach.
  3. Do sleep on your side and back.
  4. Place pillows under knees and neck while sleeping on back.
  5. Place pillows under neck and between knees
    when sleeping side.
  6. Waterbeds are great if filled slightly convex
    and at the correct temperature.

Lying Down and Arising Properly:  Lying
down and getting up correctly will alleviate

  1. Lie on side next to the edge of the bed.
  2. If on left side, use left elbow and right
    hand to push yourself up as legs fall
    off of bed simultaneously. This creates
    a pendulum effect making it easy to
    push yourself up.
  3. Lie down in reverse order.







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