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Chiropractic Adjustment in Buellton

Buellton has a long history of environmentalism and the belief that with our help the Earth will heal itself.  As a chiropractor, I believe deeply in chiropractic care and the ability of the human body to heal itself given the right treatment. I consider myself an “eclectic” chiropractor that utilizes everything in my training to help my patients.

I guide my practice by the “Triangle of Health” and aim to assist patients in each area needed. My goal is to provide care for each patient beyond the chiropractic process of evaluating and treating physical or structural problems by looking at the “Fist of Health” or five factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Those five factors are: diet, exercise, sleep, positive attitude, and keeping the nervous system free of interference within the triangle of health.

triangle-of-healthWhen a patient comes to my office he/she will be pleased to find a warm and welcoming environment  and a Doctor who truly cares about the whole person and seeks to aid him/her in overall health and wellness. I believe in the chiropractic tenets that the nervous system controls all functions of the body and that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself without drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic has a philosophy on healing and health which differs from the traditional medical view.I want to fight the war on drugs in the lives of both children and adults by assisting patients to recognize the importance of chiropractic care and wellness as a preventative measure. One should not simply seek chiropractic care once in severe pain, but learn the importance of a healthy spine to prevent future pain, illness, and bone degeneration. As a Doctor of Chiropractic I feel it is valuable to educate people on this vital matter.

Chiropractors approach health in a holistic manner. In other words, chiropractors evaluate the entire person as a whole when assessing and treating a patient’s health ailment or disease, rather than focusing solely on a symptom or specific area of the body.

Buellton Chiropractic OfficeChiropractors know that the body is able to maintain and heal itself in most cases. We also know that true health is not achieved through the ingestion of chemicals or the cutting away of diseased tissues. Instead, health is something that comes from within and is inherent to our body.

The chiropractic doctor understands that circumstances occur which may require medical intervention, but ultimately, it is the body that conducts and manages the process of healing and not the doctor or externally applied forces.

When the chiropractic doctor corrects spinal abnormalities and eliminates spinal and nerve irritation and interference, pain is alleviated and the body’s inborn healing capabilities are set into motion.