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Santa Barbara is a hot bed of physical activities, from surfing and sailing to yoga and pilates to hiking and cycling.  Physical activity is important keeping us healthy and happy. With all the exercises available, keeping good posture is one that tends to slip our mind.Santa Barbara Chiropractor James Neary

Why should we have good posture?  So nerves can exit and thereby carry messages properly all the way down the spinal column to all muscles, organs, and glands in the body.  Appropriate postural alignment in the sagittal plane is paramount to good health.  What that means is when you look at a person from front to back one should observe the nose, chin, Adam’s apple, sternum, and navel in a straight line. Somewhat likewise, the earlobes, shoulders, and hips should be level.

In coronal plane, or profile view, there are three spinal curves that should balance in the following manner at these specific landmarks: the external auditory meatus (ear canal) should line up over the tip of the shoulder.  Both of the above should in turn align with the hipbone.

Strengthening or stretching specific muscles cannot change proper posture. Only by maintaining good spinal alignment while standing, sitting, or lying down can we obtain good posture. Sitting in any seat should maintain the curves of the spine just as they are in proper standing posture.  Sitting on wallets is ill advised, as it creates subluxations (bones out of place).  Moreover, sitting upon a wallet can be likened to standing with a one inch block under only one foot, in turn causing the spine to curve unnaturally.

One way to find the correct sitting and standing posture is to slouch completely.  Then sit or stand fully erect.  As you relax by about ten percent from this exaggerated position, you will be in correct posture.

Lying down and getting up from bed properly will help maintain a healthy back and reduce subluxations.  To get up from bed, lie on your side next to the edge of the bed.  If you are on your left side, use your left elbow and right hand to push yourself up as legs fall of the bed simultaneously.  Do the opposite if you are on your right side. This creates a pendulum effect making it easier to push your self up.  To lie down, do the reverse.

With proper posture, going about our favorite Santa Barbara activities can be less painful and may help increase your fun! Contact Neary Chiropractic in Santa Barbara at (805) 692-9749 or Buellton at (805) 686-8322.  Make an appointment today to see how we can help your posture.

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