Pregnancy – The Factors of Health

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Pregnancy – The Factors of Health

1. Positive Mental Attitude: Maybe most influential.

Suggest to self:

“I feel good therefore the baby feels good.”

” I am healthy therefore the baby is healthy.”

Visualize the healthy baby already born.

2. Exercise

A. Cautions:

  1. Don’t suddenly increase the amount of exercise undertaken.
  2. Don’t exceed the amount of exercise normally undertaken before pregnancy.
  3. Eliminate sports in which risk of injury is high.
  4. Avoid activities where balance is a major importance.
  5. Avoid changing positions quickly to prevent dizziness.
  6. Wear good supportive footwear and adequate breast support while exercising.
  7. Do not exercise to the point of exhaustion or severe breathlessness.
  8. Monitor pulse rate and keep within recommended target zone.
  9. In later pregnancy, avoid activities likely to cause joint strains.
  10. Late in pregnancy avoid excessive aerobic exercise.
  11. Exercise is not harmful to the normal pregnant woman or her fetus.

B. Exercises:

  1. Walking may be the best form of exercise for pregnancy.
  2. Lie on slant board.
  3. Cat / Cow
  4. Pelvic Tilt
  5. Kegel
  6. Shoulder rolls
  7. Back stroke
  8. Rowing
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