Why Chiropractic if I Don’t Have Symptoms?

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Why would I need Chiropractic if I don’t have symptoms?

This would seem to be a very logical question. An overwhelming majority of Americans are accustomed to a system of “healthcare” that has convinced us that we should sit and wait until we get sick or show symptoms of disease or illness before we consult a physician. What we receive in this country is “sick care” not “healthcare”.

Even though Chiropractic philosophy stresses the importance of preventative healthcare, most of us wouldn’t even consider Chiropractic unless we were experiencing unbearable or chronic neck or back pain. The message in this article is that it is possible to be ill and to NOT be experiencing symptoms. You could be in desperate need of chiropractic care even as you sit comfortably reading this article.

We conveniently forget that many illnesses and diseases do not have overt, highly visible symptoms. Cancer is usually referred to as a “silent killer” and heart disease, which claims hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, does not just “happen overnight”. It takes time for these diseases to develop in each individual. These diseases are able to develop quietly and without symptoms until the damage they have done is sometimes irreversible. By the time your body is able to get the message across that it is battling a disease, the disease may have progressed to a point that surgery or other drastic measures seem to be indicated.

Arthritis, chronic headaches, asthma and many other health problems are able to exist in individuals whose basic systems (circulatory, endocrine, respiratory and digestive systems) have become weakened due to interference with the nerves that communicate with that particular system. The nervous system (the brain and nerve system) controls and coordinates the functions of the tissues, organs, and systems in the body. When the nerve interference occurs (usually because of a misalignment in the vertebrae), the system that is “serviced” by that nerve (nerves) can become weakened and/or have diminished function. When that happens, that system is vulnerable and can become the unwilling host to disease and dysfunction.

Chiropractic treatments can correct the misalignment that causes the irritation to the nervous system. Regular chiropractic treatments can bring about a regeneration of the nerve supply to an area (tissue, organ, or system) that is diseased or at a less than functional level. This means that a healthy spine can reward you with a healthy body – all systems operating at an optimum level and naturally resilient to disease.

So, “Why Chiropractic if you don’t feel symptoms?”

  1. Not all diseases produce symptoms early enough to allow you time to correct the problem.
  2. Chiropractic is not just for pain relief, but an absolutely superior method of preventative healthcare designed to keep your body at its most functional, healthy level.
If you really desire good health, don’t wait for symptoms. Take an intelligent, active role in seeking real “healthcare”. Chiropractic can correct existing (and maybe unnoticed) health problems and produce optimum function for insured good health.
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