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Testimonial for Dr.James Neary from Registered Dietician and Certified Personal Trainer Betsy Markle of Santa Barbara, CA.


A testimonial from one of Dr. James Neary’s patients.

Here’s what our patients say about us!

“Just had my adjustment! I feel like a new woman!” -Kim S.

“My shoulder feels better” -massage therapist Fiona G.

“Brilliant diagnostician.” -Brad McCoy

“From the energy of the office to the holistic treatment, it was the best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had. I will definitely bring my husband in here.” -Sheila Murphy

You’re a good listener” -Sloane R.

“I don’t have anything major wrong with me since I keep coming here.” –Marie F.

“I have come back to Doctor Neary after 3 years of going to different chiropractors due to a family situation. Those chiropractors did not help me the way Dr. Neary had. He has helped in just a few short treatments with my shoulder pain. My mother’s side of the family has a small issue with the way our back form over time and it’s caused mem to have upper, middle and lower back pain all throughout my life. Dr. Neary helps relieve it, and causes my back pain to almost not exist whenever I go to him.” – Amanda B.

“Dr. Neary helped me with my PT to get me back to doing my job as a nurse in the ICU after a car accident and then after a working injury. I’m an audible-satisfaction type person, so the louder, bigger the pop I’m a happy camper and show it by giving Dr. Neary high-fives! He’s got awesome skills! Erin is the super-oober coolest. Best office coordinator ever! She makes making appointments and dealing with insurance very easy and efficient. Lover her!” –Catherine M.

“Dr. Neary has made programs where no one else has.” –Margaret C.

“That was a great experience. I feel high.” Joanne W.

“That’s why I come here” Rusty L’s comment when treatment began

“I thought it was so giving that you generously gave your time to give us teachers a massage” Heidi A., Santa Ynez Valley Charter School teacher

“My chiropractor is best in town, he gives me hugs after he hurts me.” -Sue L.

“Dr. Neary, I was very scared of a lymph node in my neck, turns to be their inflamed, but for your consistency, I feel they are going away or reduced for now. Getting better is a positive feeling and my mind has better hopes and therefore I’m trying my best to heal and you are good.” -Raquel

“I trust you.” – Ivan

“I feel really good.” – Diane D.

“She already is calmer. Parents of 7 week old with reflux and gas after first treatment.” – B. Sivigait

“The exercises are helping my arm heal.” – John D.

“I can’t believe you figured out my back pain was referring from my neck. No one else has figured that out; they just wanted to take more x-rays and give me more pills.” – Rey B.

“I always consult with Dr. N before my power lifting meets.” – Darren

“My neck pain is gone and you didn’t have to crack me!” -Marty

“My wrist, ankle and hip are all better quickly. I know I perform better after Dr. N.s adjustment.” – Austin V.

“Thank you Dr. Neary for helping me understand some of my aches and pains are from the medicines I’m taking.” – Daniel G.

“My toothache sciatic pain is reduced to a pinch after your adjustment.” – Dessie

“I loved your chiro rap!” -Francine Feldman (recording artist)

“I appreciate all the extra time you give me.” -Marin Stevenson June 2015

“My foot isn’t numb anymore after first visit.” -Sam Quintana June 2015

“Dr. Neary you are the best. We are so blessed.” -Sloane Reali June 2015

“My hip pain is gone.” -Bud June 2015

“You’re the only chiropractor who has made any change/improvement. I feel great!” -Fiona Gould June 2015

“You are a miracle worker!” -Cheryl M.

“What did you do to my knee? It doesn’t hurt anymore!” -Todd L.

“Amazed by your hands!” -Nick C.