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Meditation has been practiced around the world for thousands of years because it works. Its effects are immediate and long lasting when practiced consistently. Regular meditation and chiropractic care go hand in hand. Chiropractic care allows for an interference free nervous system while meditation facilitates a calm and ready mind. After an adjustment of the spine, chemicals called enkephalins (somewhat like endorphins) create a feeling of well-being. Meditation can effectively change brain wave activity. When a chiropractic adjustment is coupled with meditation, we have a powerful tool to fight stress.

Meditation can cause many wonderful changes in minutes.

  1. Meditation can change brain wave activity to create a more relaxed state.
  2. Heart rate can be lessened using these relaxation techniques.
  3. High blood pressure can also be reduced.

Meditation follows a 3-step progression of relaxation.

  1. First, a slowing of the breathing pattern is noticed followed by calming.
  2. Awareness of surroundings lessens as the heart rate drops; similar to lucid sleep.
  3. During the deepest phase, contentment is achieved. Thoughts are slow, methodical, and clear. Awareness of surroundings is minimal.

Following is the “Martin 24 Breath” method of meditation.

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted for 5 to 10 minutes. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position on the floor. Sitting against the wall, cross-legged, with your hands laying in your lap is effective. Close your eyes and clear all thoughts by focusing on the space between your eyes (AKA the third eye or Sixth Chakra). Breaths should be taken as follows: Breath in deeply from the bottom of your stomach up into your lungs, hold briefly, and exhale in reverse order.

  1. Take a deep breath in; tuning out the outside world. Hold briefly then tighten stomach muscles while exhaling very slowly. Repeat 3 times.
  2. Take 3 normal (shallower) breaths in and out to feel the new relaxed state.
  3. Repeat step 1 while imagining the body filling with clear, blue, warm, water.
  4. Repeat step 2 while trying to feel the warmth of the water.
  5. Take 3 more deep breaths in and out, but focusing o long exhales and loose muscles.
  6. Repeat step 2.
  7. Take another series of 3 deep breaths focusing on one aspect of the outside world with each breath. Begin with sound, then temperature, and then brightness while opening eyes slowly.
  8. Take 3 normal breaths and focus on the new state of relaxed calm and awareness.

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