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Massage is one of the oldest, most useful and easily administered forms of treatment used for the relief of pain and other symptoms of disease or injury. It is often employed by the doctor or a massage therapist to help relax the muscles and the mind. Massage can act directly upon a specific area, reflex in other areas not being worked on or in both ways simultaneously. Have you considered seeing a chiropractor in Buellton? Call our chiropractic office today to see how we can help you!

The goal is to reduce stress within the body so that it may heal quickly, without hindrance. There are many different types of massage all having wonderful therapeutic value. For instance, the University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute studied the effects of massage therapy on job stress. Twenty-six adults were given fifteen-minute chair massages twice weekly in their offices for a five-week duration. Immediately after the massage, subjects experienced a change in brain waves in direction of heightened awareness, better problem solving ability, reduced job stress and less depressed mood state. Hence, massage can be performed to energize an exhausted person, or relax an agitated person.

How Massage Therapy can help in Buellton

Massage does many wonderful things.

  1. Increases circulation, muscle nutrition and relaxation.
  2. Increases range of motion and stretching capability.
  3. Helps prevent and release muscle adhesions.
  4. Helps decrease edema (swelling) and joint effusion (fluid build up).
  5. Helps to flush out the muscles and increase oxygen exchange.

Types of Massage

There are five basic types of massage:

  1. Effleurage- Light stroking toward the heart using slow, gentle and rhythmic movements. Action is not directly upon the tissues but is reflexive, increasing circulation and allowing for relaxation.
  2. Deep Stroking- Deep (not heavy) stroking of tissues in the direction of natural lymphatic and venous flow. Used to facilitate drainage of venous and lymphatic contents.
  3. Petrissage- Kneading by grasping, wringing, lifting, or pressing a particular body part. This assists with venous and lymphatic circulation; stretches retracted muscle and tendons.
  4. Friction- Body parts are deeply pressed upon while the hand/s are moved in a circular direction. This helps to free adherent skin, loosen scars and adhesions within deeper structures, and aids in the absorption of fluid in the area being worked on.
  5. Tapotement (percussion) – Consists of striking the body quickly with one or both hands. This may include clapping with the palms, hacking with the edge of the hand, tapping with the tips of the fingers or beating with a clenched fist. This helps to break up tight muscles, adhesions in deep tissues, and increases circulation.

Method of Application

Massage is applied in the following manner:

  1. The client is asked to disrobe to a comfortable degree and lie face down on the table. They are asked to take off any jewelry, eye wear or contact lenses.
  2. The massage client is kept warm under sheets or blankets.
    Lubrication may be applied to skin.
  3. Massage begins using slow, gentle strokes to facilitate relaxation. At this time the massage recipient is asked to breathe deeply.
  4. Sensitive or tender areas are moved toward gradually.

Massage Tips

Following are a few helpful hints for massage recipients:

  1. Come on an empty stomach or eat very little; it is unpleasant to lie face-down when you are full. Also, more blood is available to flow in ad out of muscles when it is not being used in the digestive tract.
  2. Focus on breathing deeply (see Breathing sheet) during treatment. This will help spread oxygen throughout the body.
  3. Tell your therapist to adjust the pressure as desired. Feedback is a way of making sure you get what you need.
  4. Be sure to drink lots of water after treatment so that the body may flush out lactic acid and any impurities.
  5. Rest after treatment and enjoy the natural calming effects of massage. Soak for fifteen minutes in a warm bath with one cup of baking soda added; this will soften the skin and soothe the mind.


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