Mendenhall Museum in Buellton

The Mendenhall Museum, located near Buellton, CA, is one of the most unique destinations in the western United States. The museum has virtually everything one could ever hope to find associated with the petroleum industry. There are old-school gas pumps, globes, road signs, and other related items. However, it's about much more than just looking at a few old gas pumps. This museum provides a window into a piece of Americana that has long since passed. Therefore, anyone who has an interest in history, especially American history, will be able to find items of interest there. Check out this article from a Buellton Chiropractor!

Santa Ynez Valley

In addition to the museum itself, the surrounding area consists of both stunning beauty and rugged countryside, all rolled into one. Located in the Santa Ynez Valley, it is truly one of the most unique locations in the entirety of the western portion of the country. In addition, it provides the perfect backdrop for such a museum as this. Furthermore, it only makes sense that a museum that has dedicated itself to celebrating this piece of American history would be located in an area where celebrities and college students alike have fallen in love with the automobile and the open road.

Mendenhall Museum

Jack Mendenhall started this collection more than 50 years ago. He did it out of a deep love for all things related to the automobile. He started with a few road signs and a couple of old gasoline pumps. Over time, the collection grew into one of the most well-respected examples of its type in the entire country. Today, more than half a century later, the museum is still in the family, currently being operated by his son and daughter-in-law.

If you think that a trip to the museum only involves an opportunity to see some gasoline pumps and a few old road signs, you’re in for a pleasant surprise as well. The museum also contains a number of old race cars, cars that once graced race tracks and roads alike, competing in some of the most prestigious races in the country. Today, they serve as shining examples of the ingenuity and spirit associated with the automobile age.

Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame

The museum also serves as the home base for the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame. In addition, they routinely serve as a venue for all types of get-togethers. As such, they commonly hold weddings, family reunions, and other large groups. They are open for these types of events as well as private tours and they’re more than happy to schedule these tours for anyone who is interested. The facility there is large enough to accommodate most large groups. As such, anyone who is interested in holding a party or scheduling a private tour shouldn't hesitate to contact the museum directly.

There is something special about the connection between the automobile and the history of America. In this context, the automobile represents much more than a mere mode of transportation. Instead, it represents freedom and the ability to accomplish great things. That is precisely why this museum exists and why it has continued to be so successful over the decades. The next time you're in the area, don't miss out on seeing everything this prestigious location has to offer.