Review of Solvang Motorcycle Museum in Buellton

Are you a bike enthusiast that appreciates vintage models? Well, the Solvang Motorcycle Museum near Buellton CA is the best place for you to admire a historic collection of motorcycles, thanks to the founder and owner, Virgil Elings.

Hosting popular names such as BMW, Velocette, AJS, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, and Gilera, this motorcycle museum boasts of a collection that goes back decades ago. The owner has a passion for collecting rare bikes. And unlike other collectors that prefer to keep these things private, Elings is always willing to showcase and share his collections with those that appreciate this art.

Solvang Motorcycle Museum is a must-visit should you find yourself within this area. Alternatively, if you and your buddies are looking for the perfect weekend gateway, then you can plan a road trip and enjoy the beautiful sceneries on the way. Check out this article from a Buellton Chiropractor!

Why Should You Visit the Solvang Motorcycle Museum in Buellton CA?

If you are a true biker then visiting motorcycle museums must be on your bucket list. This museum in Solvang is unique in so many ways. Not only is it home to rare gems such as the 1910 FN, but the management does an excellent job of rotating displays every month. So, whenever you come to visit, there will always be newer bikes to see. Also, should you see something that you like, you can make an offer and go home with one of these historic bikes.

It’s worth mentioning how knowledgeable the museum attendants are. They have an intense passion for bikes but and the history that you will learn from these guys is mind-blowing. Moreover, for a motorcycle museum that has been around since 2000, you can expect to find the rarest bikes on the planet.

What Bikes can You Expect to See?

Virgil Elings has a taste for collecting unique machines. For example, do you recall the first Ducati V Twin models that are responsible for the brand's fame? Well, at Solvang Motorcycle Museum, you can see the 1974 Ducati Sport and adore its 90-degree cylinders.

Here, you can take photos of the 1936 BMW R12 that was popular before World War II. Or, if you are a fan of the Grand Prix, you can check out the 1955 AJS 7R that was nicknamed Boy Racer, back in the 1950s.

When Do They Open?

The museum is open on the weekends from 10 am to 4 pm. During weekdays, it is open but you must book an appointment from 11 am to 3 pm. Kindly note that it’s best if you call in advance if you are visiting on weekdays. Also, carry with you the $10 entrance fee. The museum only accepts cash payments. Entry for kids is free. So, don’t hesitate to come with your son or daughter and introduce them to the world of motorcycles.

What Are People Saying About This Museum?

Obviously, before you plan your trip to this motorcycle museum, you must know what people think of it. For starters, many reviews appreciate how clean and organized the facility is. There is also the fact that the museum boasts of having the rarest motorcycle collections. The management of the museum doesn’t just showcase rare bikes but they go the extra mile of explaining the history of each bike and its contribution to the motorcycle world.

Final Thoughts

Do you or a loved one have a passion for bikes? Then the Solvang Motorcycle Museum near Buellton, CA is a destination worth visiting. The vast collection contains racing bikes as well as vintage models that contributed significantly to motorcycle history. If you get the opportunity, you can have a chat with the owner and hear about his passion for collecting motorcycles.