Ultrasound and Chiropractic Care in Buellton

Ultrasound and Chiropractic Care in Buellton

Chiropractic Buellton CA Ultrasound and Chiropractic Care

The use of physiotherapy with chiropractic can be an important addition to your wellness plan. What is physiotherapy? It involves the use of therapeutic agents (i.e. muscle stimulation, ultrasound, etc.) to effect changes in injured tissue. It is important to realize that without chiropractic; only half of the benefits of any therapeutic program can be gleaned. The use of physiotherapy and chiropractic is very important. If the joints of the body are in proper alignment with the muscle, the area is being treated as a whole and in the proper places. For more information, contact our chiropractic office in Buellton us today.

Ultrasound is the deepest and most efficient of the deep heating modalities. Chiropractic ultrasound treatments should not be confused with diagnostic ultrasound, often used in prenatal screening. Chiropractic ultrasound combines deep heat achieved through the friction created by sound wave micro-massage to treat injured muscles, joints, and soft tissues. The benefits of micro-massage can be gleaned without causing heat, so ultrasound can be used on acute injuries.

Ultrasound has many wonderful effects and uses as described below.

1. Creates micro-massage, vibrating tissue at one million cycles per second.
2. Causes deep heat via friction from the micro-massage.
3. Can penetrate tissue from two to four centimeters deep.
4. Treatment last longer than any other deep heater; up to two hours.
5. Can be used as micro-massage only without creating heat by interrupting sound output pulse.
6. Low intensity, interrupted ultrasound can help decrease swelling (edema) and may to help relieve pain.
7. Ultrasound causes blood vessels to open, increasing blood flow. It also helps break up muscle adhesions with micro-massage.

When receiving ultrasound treatment, the following may be experienced:

1. When the sound head is placed against the skin, it begins to slowly warm the tissue.
2. If using interrupted pulse, no heat will be felt.
3. The faintest sensation of ‘buzzing’ may be noticed in the area being treated.
4. The muscles relax and the mind often wanders.
5. Upon completion of ultrasound therapy, the treated area feels loose and relaxed.

There are six basic steps to the application of ultrasound.

1. The skin is bared and inspected.
2. Coupling gel is applied to allow for a maximum transfer of the sound waves.
3. The ultrasound head is placed in contact with the skin and moved over the area to be treated.
4. The intensity is turned up gradually to the indicated level.
5. Movement of the sound head continues over the treatment area until complete.


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